2017, March. Long Island. Furniture Collection.

The #1 questions people ask me when I attend a speaking engagement or conference is “Do you like your short hair?”  or “Are you and your sister talking?” after my sister chopped off my hair and I hated it. Yes. I am talking about a real adult relationship between two women who are related, not some childhood story where my sister cut my bangs.

But for those of you who are wondering, Yes, I love my short hair and my sister. We are closer than ever. Thankyouverymuch.

Okay, the second most common question I get is about my photography. As a total amateur and someone who is honest, a little insecure about my photography skills, it makes my little heart soar when people think I know what I am doing in the photo department.

Words of affirmation are my love language people. “What settings do you use on your DSLR Camera?”

Sadly, I know enough to be dangerous on my camera, but not enough to explain it. “Did you take a photography class?”

Yes. I took an online class but I think I only completed half of it.  If there would have been a test I am certain I would have scored a C-.

As someone who resisted learning about photography for many years, I have grown to really love it. When my camera broke this past year I felt so unmotivated to tackle projects. Shooting the pictures makes the piece come to life and I was sad to be without that final step in my furniture flipping process.

If you have a furniture flipping business the single most important thing you can do is learn your way around your camera. This is one item that I guarantee will increase your business.

My photos have been featured on The Today Show’s website, The Huffington Post (twice!), Buzzfeed, and much more nationally know sites. Not bad for a C- student.