Coffee Brewing Process

If someone asked you what type of coffee you wanted ten years ago, chances are your answer would have been predictable – an espresso, or maybe an Americano? Today, with all the new and progressive coffee brewing methods available, you may have a tough time deciding on just one method as your go-to. Cold-drip? pour over? an AeroPress brew?…you get the point (the list goes on)

For the more arteisanal inclined…or old fashioned….a lever espresso machine, that’s pumped with your hand, is a great way to brew exceptional coffee.​

You may swear by the French press brewer, but unless you’ve tried them all, how do you know what you’re missing? This guide will walk you through each and every method for brewing coffee, from normal to new-age, and (hopefully) get you excited to brew coffee in every way imaginable.