Photo of Love

I have never seen such love and mutual admiration between a couple as that from my mom and dad, Selena Ann and Tony Burne. They have been married for 30 years. This year March is their anniversary. I prepared a plan that surely will surprise them.

On this day, dad always pretended to forget the date, then he secretly bought a gift for mom and hide somewhere in the house. After that, he would find some ways to let mom find out the gift on her own. Mom already knew, but every time she pretended to be surprised as well. They never shout at each other, both have great patience and sympathy for each other.

They are not prosperous, in fact. But their mental health is always under very good conditions because of their mutual support and understanding.

30 years ago, when they got married, there wasn’t any ceremony. My mom didn’t have a chance to wear the wedding dress and my dad couldn’t get dressed in a suit. So, I decided to make it up for them.

On that day, I asked them to go to the place where I set-up everything. Then I arranged staff to have them change their clothes. Right when mom saw dad on his suit, she burst out into tears. Dad said he never saw her this much beautiful. They hugged each other then I appeared on the place to wish them a happy anniversary.