Sumptuous Seafood Dishes

Mouth watering foods aren’t always considered healthy, because often the tastiest things are loaded with varying combinations of fat, sodium, and sugar. Yet there is one special category of food that tends to be very good for you, and also very, very tasty… drum-roll, please… seafood recipes!! Often low in sodium, cholesterol and calories, and packed with protein, seafood is usually a healthy and super-delicious choice. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals which help reduce the risk of heart disease and help to lower blood pressure.

Popular throughout the islands (especially in Jamaica), Brown Stewed Fish features whole fish or fillets fried separately, and then sauteed with other flavorful ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, spices and onions.

From succulent scallops to flaky fish, lobster, crab, conch, shrimp and more, there are so many amazing varieties of seafood to try. The cultural diversity throughout the Caribbean is reflected in a wide range of cooking and seasoning techniques, which makes for a truly endless variety of Caribbean seafood recipes. Often quick to prepare,  you can whip up some of these in no time- try our 5 Sumptuous Seafood Recipes and fall in love!